Shame to Confess Sins (4 Questions to a Priest)

Question to a priest

February 11, 2013

Hello! The situation is such that I committed one sin. I repent of it, but I can’t confess to the priest - I’m embarrassed and ashamed. I can’t tell him that. Before God, I repented of everything long ago. Is it necessary to confess to the priest?


Katia, it is a must to confess to the priest. Sin is destroyed, it loses its strength only when we expose (reveal) it. The devil is afraid when he is exposed, when his deeds are revealed, and he runs away. You feel false shame – you should be ashamed to sin. Until sin is revealed in confession, it is not forgiven, and this sin will be with you until you repent in it during the confession to the priest.

Hieromonk Victorin (Aseev)

March 29, 2013

Hello, Hegumen Nikon (Golovko)! Thank you very much for your advice! I have one more question. But what if, during confession, you cannot confess of some sin? If you are ashamed, scary and uncomfortable talking about it? I very much repent of my sins and dream of confessing. But I’m scared, I don’t know why. Please tell me what is to be done. Thank you.


Marina, you need to imagine that you are standing before God Himself, who has known everything for a long time already, He knows everything. And now, just like a father in front of a child, He is already ready to forgive and not punish, waiting for acknowledgment - please forgive me, yes, it was I who did it.

Hegumen Nikon (Golovko)


March 28, 2013

Hello! Tell me, please, for what sins people are excommunicated? I am going to receive communion, but I’m scared: my sins are too heavy. I'm afraid I might be excommunicated. I feel so scary ... Help me, please. God save you!


Hello Anastasia! You should be scared not to repent but to sin and live with unrepented sins. There is no sin unforgivable except an unrepented one. It is better to incur penance from a priest than to come to God's Judgment with unrepented sins. Cast off your fears and false shame and confess.

Priest Vladimir Shlykov

March 20, 2013

Hello! 5 years ago I committed the sin of the love spell. Now I repent of it very much. Until now, I was afraid to go to confession, but I can’t bear that anymore. Tell me how to correctly tell my priest about my sin and will they excommunicate me?


Margarita, you can say about your sin in a confession just like you said about it now, without any verbal intricacies, in the simplicity of your heart. Of course, they will not excommunicate you from the Church, this cannot happen, but the priest can give you some spiritual exercise, useful for the soul (penance), and ask you to perform it before you partake of the Body and Blood of Christ. Do not be afraid of this, if they assign it, do it: it’s terrifying to sin, but to repent is beneficial and saving. You have already committed the worst (sin), and all this is already behind, now it will be only easier.

Hegumen Nikon (Golovko)

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