In His Youth, the Elder Concealed a Temptation and Could Not Receive Communion

Elder Simeon (Zhelnin) (1869 - 18.1.1960)

From the memoirs about the venerable Elder Simeon (Zhelnin).

The Father told: "When I was a deacon, I had a great temptation in a dream, and I was so embarrassed that I could not tell this to my confessor. So all the clergy started to partake of the Holy Mysteries during the Liturgy and I walked away and could not receive Communion. All were taking Communion and asking: "Where is Vassian, why did not he take Communion?" Then, Archimandrite Methodius began to call me before the whole altar: "Why do you cover up the enemy?! Repent, or he will do you more the next time". And I had to repent publicly, instead of repenting to one confessor. I felt better after Communion".

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