Cruel Death Because of Secret Sin

Hieroschemamonk Mikhail (Pitkevich). "Conversations with S.N.Bolshakov. Second Conversation"

I heard most incredible stories about some people who were repenting their sins. Therefore, I am fully confident that love and compassion can convert the worst sinner into a very pious person; that a human wreck in extreme condition, even at the edge of suicide can be converted into a good man or woman, or even become a saint. Unbelievable but true – there is a multitude of people who are spending their lives in the gloomy shade of a secret sin or crime without having enough courage to confess them to a fellow-man as they do not want to lose his respect. I was called once to hear the confession of a dying monk who was greatly venerated by everyone for his spotless life. His agony was long and painful. He experienced a great fear. Of course, I understood the situation at once. The passing away monk was concealing a sin, unrevealed at the confession. I asked him straightforward, what it was. He committed it thirty years ago but never could confess until he lay on his deathbed. He rested in peace.


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