What is Love

Faith, hope and love are the main virtues. Prelest diminishes while gradually attaining them.

The Beginning of Love for Enemies - at Least do them no Harm

Elder John (Krestiankin) (1910 - 5.2.2006)

"Do Love the Love. Memories of the Spiritual Father - Archimandrite John (Krestiankin)". Compiled by T.S. Smirnova.

Deacon Dmitry Polyakov recalls.

Once, on one of my visits, in a conversation with Father John, the topic of love for enemies was touched upon. I wondered how it is possible to love enemies? Father spoke for a long time and convincingly, using the example of the holy fathers and ascetics of the faith, about the possibility and necessity of pitying and loving our enemies. But, apparently, realizing that his words did not reach me much, in conclusion he said: “Yes! This is hard and difficult to do. In the initial stage, at least don't make them harm".

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How Love to Neighbor is Manifested

Saints Barsanuphius the Great and John the Prophet. "Letters".


Another brother asked the same Old Man: “It is a commandment of the Lord that we love our neighbor as ourselves (Cf. Lv 19.18; Lk 10.27) and that we be joyful and sorrowful with him as if he were one of our own members.(Cf. 1Cor 12.26) Therefore, to regard our neighbor being in poverty and yet ignore him is a transgression of love, even if we only have what we need and are unable to cover his needs. Tell me, then, father, how love is manifested in this case.”

Response by John.

Love toward one’s neighbor is manifested in many ways and not only by means of actually giving him something. Listen to some other ways. If you are traveling somewhere with your neighbor and find that your thought wants to be honored more than he, rather than rejoicing in the fact that he is honored in the same way as you, then in this respect you are not regarding him as yourself. For the Apostle said: “Outdo one another in showing honor.” (Rom 12.10) If you have something to eat and notice your thought wanting to eat alone on account of desire and not out of need, again in this respect you are not regarding him as yourself. Even when you only have enough for whatever you need, if you do not give him some of this, then in this respect you are not regarding him as yourself.

Indeed, if we wish to apply the scriptural word in this manner alone, then it will not be able to stand among us. In fact, this was not written for one person alone, but every person is called our neighbor.(Cf. Lk 10.36–37)

Therefore, how can you fulfill this commandment with respect to all people when you do not have enough to give everyone? Again, loving one’s neighbor as oneself also resembles this. If some loss occurs and you notice your thought taking pleasure at the fact that he is being harmed more than you, then again in this respect as well you are not regarding him as yourself. Or if you see him praised and do not rejoice with him, believing that you, too, have been praised with him; if you did not actually admit that your brother’s praise also extends to you — for he is your member — then you have not tried to regard him as yourself. The same applies to so many other cases. Furthermore, regarding one’s neighbor as oneself means that if you have heard something from the fathers about the way of God and your brother happens to ask you about it, then you should not retain [any attachment to] this care and benefit for the sake of envy. Rather, knowing that he is your brother, you should tell him whatever you heard according to your fear of God, without regarding yourself as a teacher; for this does not benefit you. 

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Abomination for God is the Sacrifice Brought by a Man with Self-assurance and Proud Arrogance

St Ignatius (Brianchaninov). "On Prelest". On Loving God.

St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov) (1807-1867)

Love God in the way that He commanded us to love Him, not in the way that the deluded dreamers think to love Him.

Do not invent ecstasies for yourself, do not agitate your nerves, do not inflame yourself with a sensual fire, a fire of your blood. The sacrifice that pleases God is humility of heart, compunction of soul. God angrily turns away from a sacrifice brought with self-assurance and proud arrogance, even if it were a whole-burnt offering.

Pride agitates the nerves, inflames the blood, awakens the imagination, and stimulates a fallen life. Humility calms the nerves, cools the blood, destroys imagination, eradicates the fallen life, and awakens life in Jesus Christ.

"To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rums," said the prophet to the king of Israel, who dared to offer God an unlawful sacrifice (1 Sam 15:22). If you desire to bring God a sacrifice of love, do not bring it willingly, without preparing it thoughtfully. Bring it with humility, in the time and place that God Himself commanded.

The spiritual place where God commanded us to bring spiritual sacrifices is humility (Alphabetical Patericon. About Abba Poemen the Great).

The Ascetic Wanted a Demon to Enter into him from a Possessed

Apophthegmata patrum.

16. The ascetic, seeing a certain demon possessed who could not fast, being moved by love for God and seeking not his own, but his neighbor’s benefit, prayed that a demon would transfer into him, and the possessed would be freed from it; and God heard his prayer; instead, the ascetic was burdened with a demon; he continued fasting, practicing the prayer and ascetic deeds, and mainly for his love, after a few days, God expelled a demon from him.

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The Gospel Rejects Love Dependent on Hot-bloodedness, on the Feelings of the Carnal Heart

St Ignatius (Brianchaninov). "On Prelest". On Loving One's Neighbour.

St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov) (1807-1867)

What can be lovelier, more wonderful that love for one's neighbour? To love is blessedness. To hate is torture. All of the Law and prophets are concentrated in love for God and one's neighbour  (Matt. XXII, 40).

Love for one's neighbour is the road by which we are led to love for God, since Christ deigned to mysteriously put on every one of our brothers, and through Christ, God Himself (1 John)

Do not think, beloved brother, that the commandment to love your neighbour is already near to our fallen hearts. No, this commandment is spiritual, but our hearts are lorded over by flesh and blood. This commandment is new, but our heart is old.

Our natural love is corrupted by the fall; it must first be put to rest (this is commanded by Christ) and only then can holy love, love in Christ, be acquired from the Gospels.

Love Manifested itself in the Desire to Take on the Illness of Another Person

Hegumen Daniel (Gridchenko)

Question to the priest.

March 23, 2016.

Qusetion: Tatiana, from Naberezhnye Chelny town

Good afternoon, father! We have a completely unimaginable, terrible situation. I suffered from a chronic illness for many years, my daughter was very worried and prayed fervently for me. One day, in desperation, she asked the Lord for my healing at the cost of her own health. And, oh, miracle! I recovered, and my girl began to get sick all the time. What should we do, father? Help. We are suffering a lot. Help me please.

Answer: Hegumen Daniel (Gridchenko)

Tatiana! Thank God for having such a daughter. And have faith like her... That she may be healed miraculously too. Let's pray.

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