The Consequences of Concealment of Sins Before the Priestly Ordination

Letters of elder John (Krestiankin).

Elder John (Krestiankin) (1910 - 5.2.2006)

Dear Father P.!

In Pochaev, they made you an accurate diagnosis of your disease. And the reason is clear for you. God is not mocked.

It is absolutely necessary for you to confess to your ruling bishop, because the sins mentioned by you, starting from concealing them before the ordination, are a canonical impediment for your service before the altar. You have to choose, because if you do not confess to the bishop and continue the service, the consequences could be dreadful in relation to both your illness and your future fate. A priest can not solve your problem, he has no such power.

May God give you wisdom and help you realize that you are in the toils of dark forces.


Servant of God S.!

The issue of becoming a priest is usually finally decided on the confession. After all, there are some sins that forever impede the person, who committed them, the service before the God’s altar.

And I do not know you, so I cannot decide such an important issue. But I know some priests who did not disclose their background to the bishop before the ordination and, being ordained, began to fall into such states that they understood that they can not serve.

So solve your issue with the confessor, but first – with your conscience.

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