The One not Asking for Advice or not Heeding the Advice Falls into Delusion

Elder Joseph the Hesychast

Elder Joseph the Hesychast. "Monastic wisdom".

From the preface to the book, written by elder Ephraim.

The elder always taught his monks that Christ-like obedience was more important than anything else. He permitted the Christians in the world who knew him to practice noetic prayer,* but always under the guidance of those who were experienced, for he had seen much delusion and had become fearful of it. He would often tell us, “If you see a person not asking for advice or not heeding advice given to him, expect to see him deluded soon.”

* Noetic Prayer (νοερὰ προσευχή): Noetic prayer is prayer done with the nous without distraction within the heart. Another name for it is “prayer of the heart.” It is contrasted with the prayer of the intellect which is done within the reason.

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