Delusion Through Hearing Voices Is Very Common Nowadays

Elder John (Krestiankin). From the letters of 2003.

Elder John (Krestiankin)

Servant of God, L.!

You get a gift not from the Lord, but you are deluded by the dark forces. And if you do not stop following "the voice", the end of this delusion will be very sad for you. Initially you are given a gift for free and you are taught to obey, but in a very short period of time you will get retribution.

Have pity on your soul. You should confess, take the Holy Unction and the Holy Communion.

And to succeed in resistance to this enemy violence you should take the Holy Communion more often, no less than once in two weeks.

Now in our time this way of delusion is very common – at first you are dictated the truth, but very soon you will not even notice how the lie will be mixed with the truth, and the deluded person takes the lie for the truth. The Divine truths at all times are kept in the Church of God, and for this purpose the Lord created the Church - the Pillar and Ground of the Truth. And you have lived outside the Church for a long time, and so now the enemy easily enters your life using flattery.

Do not teach, you have no blessing for this.

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