The Beginning of Love for Enemies - at Least do them no Harm

Elder John (Krestiankin) (1910 - 5.2.2006)

"Do Love the Love. Memories of the Spiritual Father - Archimandrite John (Krestiankin)". Compiled by T.S. Smirnova.

Deacon Dmitry Polyakov recalls.

Once, on one of my visits, in a conversation with Father John, the topic of love for enemies was touched upon. I wondered how it is possible to love enemies? Father spoke for a long time and convincingly, using the example of the holy fathers and ascetics of the faith, about the possibility and necessity of pitying and loving our enemies. But, apparently, realizing that his words did not reach me much, in conclusion he said: “Yes! This is hard and difficult to do. In the initial stage, at least don't make them harm".

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