Father John did not Advise Family People to Introduce Elements of Monasticism into their Lives

Archimandrite John (Krestiankin) (1910 - 5.2.2006)

From the memoirs about Archimandrite John (Krestiankin).

Alevtina recalls.

And another letter in which we kept our dream to visit Solovetsky Monastery, and another letter from the father in return.

"You have just begun to embark on the path of Christian understanding of life, so do not deviate into selfishness and egoism from the very beginning. And yet, do not forget that we ourselves, pursuing the best goals, cannot do anything good. And it is impossible now to hide from the human race anywhere, except in your heart, having erected a throne to the living God. Here is the goal. Dismiss the thoughts about Solovetsky Monastery completely. You are family people, and live in a new way, a life blessed by the Lord. Don’t proudly think of bringing elements of monasticism into your life."

I would like to emphasize this phrase once again – “do not proudly think of introducing elements of monasticism into your life”, because this, it seems to me, is the trend of the present time. When many people who come to church, Christians, laymen, begin to bring into their lives these very elements of monasticism. And at that time, I can honestly admit, I did not immediately obey the elder. Only over the years, only after “getting hit hard on the head”, having gone through some trials, did I understand what I was told a long time ago, that the main thing is that these are two completely different paths, and there is no need to mix anything here. Not even to play - it was not a game, it was a sincere desire, but coming from inability and inexperience.

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