The Delusion Due to Mistrust to the Confessor

Archbishop Theophan (Bystrov). "Letters".

78. To Archbishop Averky (Taushev) (?)

A request for blessing to become a monk.

Honorable friend,

I answer your main question. If you want to accept monasticism and if there is the consent and blessing from your parents, then, of course, I have nothing against your desire. But I consider it my duty to give you advice: first thoroughly test yourself: can you conduct a monastic life in the conditions of your actual life? It is better to foresee everything before enduring the frustration of unforeseen surprises. Without objecting to the merits, I only warn against haste. But in the end, this question will have to be decided not by me, but by your diocesan bishop.

At the beginning of monastic life, it is especially necessary to have experienced, wise guidance. As a spiritual guide, if one is not available on the spot, I could recommend you the hieroschemamonk from Athos, father Lot, who is well known to you. I advise you to have confidence in this guide: otherwise thoughts may confuse you. And it can cause great spiritual harm.

Arch. Theophan. 1931. V. 3. Clamart.

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