The Devil is Very Afraid of Confession to the Elder

Archimandrite Ephraim of the Holy Mountain (1928–2019)

Archimandrite Ephraim of the Holy Mountain and Arizona. "Fatherly advices".

The voice that you heard and that said to you: "Christ has cleansed you from the sins and killed your passions" – comes from the devil. This is the first step that leads a man to delusion and death. If one listens to the devil, turns his attention to the devil, if his heart enjoyed the words and agreed that the devil’s words are truthful, then Satan comes immediately more appreciably and step-by-step takes dominion over the man. Then one should do a great work to get rid of him.

Therefore, my child, you have done well that you did not pay attention to it and then chided yourself. Another time, if you hear something like this, say:

- I'll pass it to the elder, and will do as he advises me.

The devil is very afraid of confession to the elder, because he knows that this will destroy all his nets!

You should be aware, my child, that a thought of conceit has sprouted in you, i.e. of pride, that is why it happened to you. Be careful, have a lot of humility, pray every day that God gives you the spirit of humility. As nothing can grow on the trodden path, no delusion can grow on the "path" of humility.

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