Woman Thinking that Healing and Biolocation Come from God

Question to a priest.

Hegumen Daniel (Gridchenko)

Question: Anastasia

Hello dear Father,

I have a question that has been bothering me for a very long time: my mother believes that a person can be healed by biolocation, that besides the physical body, a person has other bodies (like the halo of saints, where one can see them), and that if there is a hole in the body, it can be "patched up" and thus heal the person. A book she reads (or rather, has read before) was written by a certain woman who was a mathematician and designed spaceships, she was a Christian, and somehow calculated it all with mathematics, as I have understood it. A pendulum is also used in this system, I don't know if I should call it a science. She used to practice it for a while, then she gave it up (thank God!). The woman who wrote the book left behind her disciples; I think there is even an institute for self-knowledge in Russia that deals with these matters. My mother believes that all this knowledge is given to us by God, and that she thanks Him for His help. I don't know what stimulated her interest, but one day her child (that is me) stopped talking as a result of a strong fright (it happened, as I now reflect at my current age, out of sheer foolishness, to be honest). When she tried everything, and nothing worked, with the help of her friends she found a man who could help her. After a while it helped and the child started talking, but she got hooked on it and became interested. She is a very religious person and believes that all this knowledge only comes from God (we go to church, but not that often, we don't go to confession, but we always ask God's forgiveness and pray and try not to do anything wrong). However, the fact that, for example, when she has inflammation of a gland of her eyelid and immediately takes out a book and reads a "prayer" to "an old man the witch doctor," should be added to this, and also her belief that old women who heal all kinds of diseases are also Christians.

I don't know how to convince her that it' not so, we argue all the time because of this, it makes me so mad and annoyed. One day I got fed up with it all, and I simply refused to have this "ritual" performed. I think that all these kinds of misconceptions should be eradicated somehow, because it is necessary to have a reasonable approach to this - it is necessary instead to take an ordinary prayer book and read a prayer to God, not to some strange old man. I don't know what other arguments I can think of, I find this practices to be extremely dangerous and unnecessary. In response to my dissatisfaction and resistance, she says that I have very little knowledge on this subject to debate. Besides, every time there is some uneasy feeling. I have some kind of aversion to my mother, shame on me, I immediately turn a blind eye, I speak reluctantly, and I have terrible thoughts in my head. I don't know how to get rid of them, I'm very ashamed. Please help me, I don't know what to do, I'm very afraid for her. I know this is strictly forbidden for Christians. It scares me to think that one day, when she retires, she'll have nothing to do and she'll take out this book...

Answer: Hegumen Daniel (Gridchenko)

Hello Nastya, You're right, your mother's practice is very dangerous. Roughly speaking, all the things she does – the so-called biolocation, appeals to all these unknown "old men" and "old women", any occult exercises – they are nothing but demonic. Including all the consequences ... namely, the death of the soul for eternity. In fact, we are talking about a kind of spiritual schizophrenia (often transformed into a very natural one), because the reference to both God and His enemy, masked under all this multifaceted nonsense, is nothing other than a split consciousness. Generally, one never ceases to be surprised at the spiritual savagery and religious ignorance of our people... God knows what causes it - the laziness of the soul, unwillingness to think, or simple-minded trustfulness, partly forgivable, because all this extrasensory evil with all its dubious "battles" is well established even on the mainstream television channels.

The Church is obviously not keeping up with its work, especially through its hierarchy, who for some reason prefer to remain silent on this very important topic. But whatever the case, the cure for your mother's destructive delusion, as well as for your aversion to her, your involuntary terrible thoughts, indirectly related to her activities, is only in a full church life - confession, holy unction, communion... One should understand: A "very religious person" does not go to an old man the witch doctor with "prayers"... This is done by a superstitious person, a thoughtless pagan, who has replaced faith in God with his or her own idea of it, in a strange conviction of being able to connect the unconnected, the "white" with the "black". Strictly speaking, people are excommunicated from the Church for this kind of activity... You and your mother have not yet joined it, because being baptized and then going to church just to put a candle does not mean you are an Orthodox Christian. Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood (i.e. take communion), you have no life in you (John 6.53). These are the words of the Gospel, the absolute truth for every Christian. In fact, the desire to live the Gospel commandment of "having life in yourself" (not in the mind, but in reality) is the answer to your doubts. Only by living a personal Christian life will your words about "right living" (even the ones you have already said) become powerful and convincing. Pray for your mother: the pride of mind, which is the main cause of faithlessness or misguided faith, is no longer eradicated by words, but by the grace of God, sent through prayers of true believers. May God help her!

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